Darla Hogan's Works


About Darla :
Darla Hogan was born in Southampton.  He worked for over 25
years as a Physics teacher in the UK, before realizing a dream and
starting his own business. He currently owns and runs Hogan’s, a
sandwich shop in Blackpool (an obvious connection?). Darla has always
been passionate about reading and enjoys many genres, including short
stories and science fiction. In 2011, Darla began working on a novel,
titled ‘Perfect Genesis.  Book 1: Adolescence’. This is the first book
of a series of three or possibly four books that will be available
through 2017.    Darla is now working with  co-author MiaZielinska on
completing this epic fantasy/science-fiction novel.  Darla has also
written several short horror stories (some are quite long) and has
recently signed a publishing deal with KENSINGTON GORE'S HAMMERED HORROR